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Introducing our Beautiful Oval Brass Knob, a striking symbol of elegance and quality crafted in a luxurious European delicate design. 
The solid construction ensures that the knob feels substantial to the touch and provides a smooth, satisfying turn. Its oval shape offers a comfortable grip, merging function and style, while the intricate patterns engraved on the surface are reminiscent of the delicate craftsmanship found in European artistry. Each knob is fashioned from the finest brass, selected for its rich golden hue and exceptional durability.
The Beautiful Brass Knob is not only a functional piece but also an ornamental jewel that adds a touch of class and refinement to any cabinet, drawer, or piece of furniture. The delicate design is hand-finished, providing a unique texture and an attention to detail that echoes the elegance of the European tradition.
With easy installation and compatibility with a wide range of furniture styles, this knob is an investment in both quality and taste. Whether you are refurbishing a cherished heirloom or adding the finishing touches to a newly built piece, the Solid Oval Brass Knob is sure to elevate your décor.
Each knob is carefully packaged to reach you in perfect condition and comes complete with all the necessary fittings. Embrace the enduring beauty of European craftsmanship and make a statement with our Beautiful Brass Knob – a true mark of distinction.
Approx. Size: Length 46 mm x Width 28 mm x Height 30mm
All fixtures (25mm screw) are included.
The price is for one piece.
Price is inclusive of VAT

Beautiful Brass Oval Knob

SKU: 1541225535
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