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About Us

Welcome to Beautiful Brass, the home of statement decor for all your creative upcycling needs. Our shop features a diverse range of quirky, unique and elegant products in brass, cast iron and zinc alloy, ideal for enhancing drawers, dressers, wardrobes, cabinets and more. All of our products are of the highest quality, easy to care for and easy to fit. 

During the pandemic, we have realised the importance of home decor. Having a space that reflects who we are, and that makes us feel happy and calm has truly been a sanctuary in these turbulent times. And it’s no wonder that many of us have turned to DIY - sprucing up our home environments to make them even more cosy, stylish and individual. 

However, personalising and beautifying your home doesn’t have to mean throwing out your old furniture and starting fresh. This can get very expensive quickly, not to mention unsustainable. So what can you do? Here at Beautiful Brass, we understand how important it is to put your own unique stamp on your interior. Replacing plain knobs and boring handles with our luxury brass knobs and pulls is such a simple and economical way to transform an old chest of drawers or dresser into a chic statement piece. Upcycling is the environmentally conscious and creative choice to enhance your home, save money and conserve precious resources. If you’re new to up-cycling, our products are a fantastic place to start.

Owned and operated by Aiden Loe, Beautiful Brass is a small independent business based in Cambridge. Like many of us during the pandemic, Aiden was keen to bring in a little extra income to support his family. With the home decor obsession sweeping the nation in mind, he landed on brass knobs and hasn’t looked back since. 

Aiden’s goal is to provide his customers with a range of brass knobs to suit every taste - from modern, bold and geometric to intricate, delicate and dainty. Beautiful Brass has quickly become known for its exceptional customer service, thoughtful and secure packaging and quick delivery times. Just check out our reviews! 

So come in, enjoy browsing our collection of beautiful brass and please contact us if you have any questions or just want to say hello. We would love to hear from you!

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