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This product is a sophisticated "Arboreal Essence Brass Hook" that marries functionality with natural design. The brass wall hook features a detailed tree motif, with branches spreading in an intricate canopy pattern. This tree of life design is symbolic and aesthetically pleasing, with a rich texture that catches the light to highlight the artistry of the piece. Below the tree, the hook extends downward, culminating in a classic spherical tip to safely hold clothing and accessories. The backplate has two screw holes for secure wall mounting. This piece is a fusion of art and utility, offering a way to bring the calming essence of nature indoors while keeping spaces organised. It is ideal for those who appreciate decor that echoes the organic lines of the natural world, and it would serve as a captivating accent in any room.
Height: 12 cm
Width: 6 cm
Depth: 3 cm

Beautiful Tree Motif Brass Coat Hook | Beautiful Towel Hook | Wall Hanger | Luxe

SKU: 142164189
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