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This is a captivating brass wall hook, artfully designed to embody the radiant aura of the sun. The backplate is an ornate representation of a sun face surrounded by a halo of flames, each flame meticulously detailed to lend an authentic sunburst effect. The face at the center is serene and friendly, with softly etched facial features that bring a sense of warmth and welcome. Four strategically placed circular cut-outs within the sun's halo add an airy, decorative touch. Extending from the bottom of this solar array is the hook itself, fashioned with a textured design reminiscent of the sun's rays, culminating in a tapered end that is both functional and stylish. This sun-inspired wall hook is not only a practical piece for hanging belongings but also serves as a striking piece of wall art that can brighten any room with its charming design and golden sheen.
Height: 12.5 cm
Width: 6.5 cm
Depth: 3.5 cm

Beautiful Sun Brass Coat Hook | Beautiful Towel Hook | Wall Hanger | Luxe Hook |

SKU: 142164234
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