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Introducing the exquisite Monet Gold Knob – a true embodiment of sophistication and timeless elegance. This luxurious knob, meticulously crafted from premium gold-finished metal, draws inspiration from the enchanting brushstrokes of the renowned artist Claude Monet. Measuring 4cm in diameter, its delicate design effortlessly elevates any cabinetry, dresser, or door to a masterpiece of refined style.
The Monet Gold Knob flawlessly blends form and function, providing a comfortable grip and smooth operation for everyday use. Transform your home into a gallery of opulence with this stunning piece of hardware that is sure to captivate and impress even the most discerning eye.
Screws: Single hole (6cm long)
Package: 1 pcs knob
Size of knob: Approx. 4cm
Projection/Depth: Approx. 3cm
Price is for one knob.

Beautiful Monet Gold Knob

SKU: 1436856086
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