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This is a classic brass wall hook that combines practicality with a touch of decorative flair. The mounting plate is characterized by a series of elegant curves and notches that suggest a musical note or a stylized treble clef, giving it an artistic vibe. It has been designed with three screw holes to ensure a secure attachment to the wall. The hook itself extends smoothly from the upper part of the plate and curves upwards, ending in a scrolled tip that prevents items from slipping off. The entire piece is polished to a gentle sheen, highlighting the high-quality brass material and the craftsmanship that has gone into its creation. This hook would be an ideal choice for hanging coats, bags, or hats, adding a note of sophistication to the decor of any room.
Height: 12 cm
Width: 5.5 cm
Depth: 3 cm

Beautiful Victorian Brass Coat Hook | Beautiful Towel Hook | Wall Hanger | Luxe

SKU: 142164223
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