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Set sail on a journey of elegance and functionality with the Brass Ship Wheel Bottle Opener. Masterfully crafted from premium brass, this bottle opener is shaped to mirror the iconic ship wheel, evoking nostalgic memories of maritime adventures and age-old voyages. Measuring at a compact size, it effortlessly combines its robust design with practicality. The wheel's spokes and rim are intricately detailed, and its gleaming golden hue provides a touch of opulence to any setting. More than just a decorative piece, the central hub of the wheel is ingeniously designed to open bottle caps with ease, making it an indispensable tool for nautical enthusiasts and those who appreciate fine craftsmanship. Whether it's a gathering by the seaside or a quiet evening at home, this Brass Ship Wheel Bottle Opener promises to be the captain of your barware collection.
Width6.60 CM
Length11.94 CM

Brass Ship Wheel Bottle Opener

SKU: 12122335873
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