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Dive into the depths of history and embrace the mystique of ancient cultures with the Brass Mayan Civilization Bottle Opener. Intricately crafted from high-quality brass, this bottle opener is a tribute to the splendid artistry and innovations of the Mayan people. Its design is inspired by iconic Mayan motifs and symbols, showcasing their unique geometric patterns and spiritual representations.
The gleaming golden hue of the brass juxtaposes beautifully with the detailed carvings, reminiscent of the sun-kissed temples and pyramids of the Mayan era. While serving as a magnificent decorative piece, its ergonomic structure ensures seamless functionality in opening bottle caps.
Perfect for history aficionados, collectors, or anyone with an appreciation for ancient civilizations, this Brass Mayan Civilization Bottle Opener is more than just a tool; it's a journey back in time, capturing the essence of a rich and vibrant culture in the palm of your hand.
Width5.59 CM
Length11.43 CM

Brass Mayan Civilization Bottle Opener

SKU: 124523415873
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